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Adele Fraser Coaching

Adele Fraser CoachingAdele Fraser CoachingAdele Fraser Coaching


Leadership and Team Coaching


My Experience

I am a certified professional coach, educator, certified human resources professional, yogi, certified Heartmath provider, mom and life-long learner. 

As a coach, I offer perspective, re-framing, intuition, a space for creativity, framework, direct communication and support in rediscovering inner wisdom and knowledge to ensure my clients reach their goals. Whether at work, at play, or at home- meaning is important to me and I identify core values as a source for inspiration and motivation. 

Why Me?

My secret weapon is seeing the big picture and helping my client's uncover the right levers to propel them to the end goal. Often a shift in perspective or focusing on the real issue can make all the difference in work and life. 

My clients- individuals, small groups, and organizational teams- have experienced great success in using coaching as the vehicle to identify and achieve their individual, team and business goals. 

5 Tools For Teams

Looking to get started with building or re-charging your team? Here is the tool kit just for you!